Garage Door Openers in Glendale

If you have a garage door in Glendale, you know how much of a hassle it is to open them manually. They’re heavy and awkward. You need to get out of your car to open them. They can easily close on their own, creating a real safety hazard. No thank you!

Garage door openers offer the modern convenience and safety you expect. No garage is complete without one. And nowadays they’re more affordable than ever!

Universal Garage Doors LLC is your source for great garage door openers in Glendale. We work with the leading brands in garage door technology. If you’re looking for a garage door service that has years of experience and a great reputation for quality, we’re that company!

Screw-Drive Garage Door Openers

Although the screw-drive garage door opener was discontinued by all major manufacturers in 2017, it’s still around and we still service them! They were designed as a quieter and more reliable substitute to the chain-drive opener. Unfortunately, because they didn’t interact well with extreme temperatures, they weren’t much good for North American consumers.

Chain-Drive Garage Door Openers

This is your classic opener. It uses a metal chain that resembles the chain on a bike. When the motor is activated, the chain rotates and draws the door up or down. Just like on a bike, the chain requires a bit of regular maintenance like degreasing and re-greasing. This ensures that dust and grime don’t clog up the bushings, making it last for a long time. Chain-drive garage door openers are durable and, because they’ve been around for a long time, they’re also very affordable!

Belt-Drive Garage Door Openers

The belt-drive garage door opener is great for people with attached garages. With a reinforced steel belt and anti-vibration technology, they’re a lot quieter than chain-drive models. No need to worry about the chain wearing out from too much or too little grease either. Many models have self-lubricating systems for the gears. Because steel belts can withstand a lot of abuse, they’re very durable.

It’s the perfect option for people looking to spend a bit more money, to get a lot of longevity out of their opener.

Connect Your Garage Door Opener to the Internet

In the last years, smart home technology has transformed the home improvements market. This is no different for garage door openers. Many belt-driven garage door openers can be connected to your home’s Wi-fi network. This allows you to control your garage from your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Your garage door can now warn you that it’s been left open—no need to call the neighbor to check. And if you’re out of town but need to open it for any reason, just use the app to open or close it. It’s an exciting time to be working in the garage door industry. And in Glendale, we’re the best of the best!

Customer Service Guarantee

We guarantee all Universal Garage Doors LLC’s garage door opener installation and garage repair services. Our Glendale technicians have been doing this for many years and can answer any questions you might have along the way. We know that you’ll appreciate their experience and their friendly attitude!

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